Who is qualified to submit artwork?

Any figurative artist working in any form of drawing, painting, or sculpture and currently living in the United States.  This can include collage, printmaking and experimental media. 
We do not review photography or digital art.  

What constitutes a work as being figurative?

We use the term loosely to mean any work that portrays some aspect of the human figure. We embrace a large variety of approaches from hyper-realism to highly abstract, and the figurative elements can be suggestive or clearly recognizable.

What is the qualification for representing a particular state?

The artist should currently reside in or maintain a studio in the state they list. We are not strict in certain cases, for example if the artist moves to a different state after submission. Please contact us if you have any concerns particular to your situation.  

If my work is selected for the map, can I enter future competitions?

Since we are now archiving the artists selected for the interactive map, we ask that those artists do not submit future entries.

Is there an entry fee?

We are currently offering one free submission.  Additional images may be submitted at $12 each.

If my work is selected, how long will my image be featured on the map?  

We are now displaying the interactive map for approximately one year.

What if I don’t have a website?

If you do not have a personal website, you can submit any URL that directly links to a reasonable number of your original artworks, except for websites that require a membership sign-up to view the images.  

A website is required to be considered for the interactive map, but you may still submit images to be considered for our blog.  If you do not have a URL, please list "blog" or "N/A" in the proper space on the submissions form.

What about the District of Columbia?

If we receive a suitable submission from DC, we include it on the map, outside the border of the US.

How do I format the images for submission?

In order to create the interactive map, we can only accept JPEG images.  Sizes around 1MB are good for our needs.  

Can you describe your marketing efforts?

The sole purpose of our site is to celebrate excellence in American visual art.  We work continually to connect with a wide variety of art enthusiasts through a broad range of networks.  With artists from such diverse locations on our site, word of mouth is also a very valuable component.

Can you describe your jury process?

The jury process varies from state to state, depending on the quality and quantity of images. After an initial review by Figure50 staff, only entries that meet a relatively high standard are submitted to the juror.

CONTACT us with any other questions.